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Helping You Make the Right Choice

We are a firm of Solicitors based in Taunton, Somerset, who specialise in family law matters, dealing with everything from relationship breakdown and disputes over children to advice about planning your pre-nup or changing your name.

When advising in relation to any family law matter, we understand that you will want straightforward, clear and honest advice about the best way to achieve your goal. This will be particularly so when your family is facing uncertain changes, whether through divorce or separation.

Relationship breakdown (and the legal processes that may follow) can be very stressful.  It can change the way you function on a daily basis. It can be debilitating, often leaving you with feelings of insecurity, fear, depression, guilt, anxiety, confusion, anger, or exhaustion.

Being able to talk to someone who understands how you feel and advise you and provide you with guidance as to your legal position can be very valuable.

At Oerton Simm we aim to offer just that. We will listen to you, advise you as to your options, and help you to make the decisions that best suit you. We know that different people have different needs, and what may suit one person will not suit another, and so we will work with you to find the best approach.

Our website is intended to give you some information which we hope will be of use to you. If you think that you have an issue that we could help with then please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial chat, or maybe come in for a first meeting. We can talk to you, assess your situation and give you initial advice. We have contact with all sorts of people who may be able to offer you some assistance, even if we can’t.

We understand that speaking with a solicitor can seem like a big step, and maybe frightening. By talking to us you are not committing yourself to anything.

So why not give us a call or find out more here.