Advice During Mediation

Advice During Mediation

The government is strongly pushing mediation as it's prefered option for couples who are trying to sort out issues arising from relationship breakdown.

The rationale is probably one of cost saving, but there is little doubt that taking a matter through the Court system is expensive and time consuming, and mediation has it's place as one of the alternatives to Court action. It is not always suitable, and has it's limitations however, and it is imperative that the parties attending mediation take good advice throughout the mediation process in order to ensure that the outcome is fair and reasonable. The difficulty with mediation is simply that parties who attend mediation may not know what they are entitled to. They may want to know whether or not the proposals being made in the mediation process are fair, or what a Court would order were it to have to make the decision after a contested hearing.

We at Oerton Simm are able to advise you throughout the process. You should be given a memorandum of understanding by your mediator after each mediation session that you attend, and we can advise you on the various issues that may arise, and help guide you towards a favourable outcome.

We can be consulted as and when needed, and we are able to make the initial referral into the mediation system in the first place.

We can also draw up the appropriate paperwork which the Court would need in order to convert your agreement into a Court Order (should that be neccessary - we can advise you as to whether it is neccessary or not), and can make sure that all T's have been crossed and i's dotted.

If you wish to discuss anything at all to do with mediation then please ring us for a no obligation chat.